Thursday, 14 March 2013

Migraine and me..

Its 10.54 pm and I suffered from migraine..caught it yesterday..after long hot hours of standing under the blazing sun..

This morning thinking Im gonna be ok, I went to work as usual..but as the day went by, the pain of migraine finally gets to me..couldnt stand the pain  anymore, me n hubby went to see a doctor..

And I was right..the doctor said I got migraine..apparently our pupils go larger in the event of 'migraining'(is there such word?)..and so the doc gave me a time slip for me to have a rest and 'kill' this migraine..

But alas, here I am at 10.45pm, still wide eyes are tired, my head feels like exploding and yet I couldnt sleep..

Ya Allah,  please forgive me for I have sin..I know pain relieves you of your sins..give me guidance to become a better person..ameen ya rabbal 'alamin..


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