Sunday, 21 August 2011

~A whale of a tale~

Last Saturday marks the starting of my 38 weeks journey of pregnancy..i feel like a big whale, walking around with big back hurts when i shift sitting or sleeping position..pity my poor hubby..he has to massage my poor legs and back every nite..tq sayang for ur patience..

I've been having running nose for these past few days..and today i got a flu, so i went to a clinic..n guess what?i got  2 days the doc advised to me not to fast since my high body temperature is dangerous to the baby..that will cost me 4 days of not fasting..huhu..but for ur sake baby, mama will do it..

I hope i will continue to struggle to pull myself together despite all the hardships im facing (sleepless nite, backache, etc.).This Wednesday, im seeing my O&G specialist for routine check up..hope she'll give me mc until   my delivery time since nowadays its hard for me to move from one places to another..especially from out of bed..

Till next time..

The adorable lil Hariz wearing my yet to be
born baby's beanie

Thursday, 18 August 2011

~37 weeks~

Yes.. I'm in my 37th weeks of pregnancy now..Only 3 weeks to go..i can't say im not worried or ready to face the big day..i just hope and pray that my labor will went well..n my baby is safe n healthy..

Pregnancy is a big thing..a big step or milestone that women sooner or later will have to go through..i have my fair share of pregnancy..all those pain, suffers that i've went thru, all those sleepless nite, leg cramps, constipation (T__T), made me realized that those could be what all mothers went thru..some maybe worst..

So, as of today i would like to say to my mom : thank you for everything.. i know u have suffer a lot more than me since u carried twins..twins only mean double the trouble.. ;)

And as for me: Chaiyok2! If all those moms out there can do it, so could u!

me during antenatal class