Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday..

What happened today..

We're set and ready to go to My Dear..
Adeek looking kinda blur as usual..

Lemme give you a solemn pose..huhu

Mummy ni asek men gem je..

Mummy n papa nak belikan adeek carseat..
kerasnye carseat ni..nexxtt!!

This is what i bought for my baby - bottle sterilizer and warmer : RM125

2 in 1 head cushion..xde la pala baby terhuyung hayang.. : RM19

Baby blue baby carrier :RM50

Last but not least bath tub and mesh bath support : RM30  + RM19
Pheww..thats a lot of money spent..huhu

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

MyDear Sale..

Yeay!!I'm on leave tomorrow..i wanted to go to mydear sale at case you didn't know, mydear is actually a warehouse selling baby stuff..the sale starts on 30/06/2011 until 10/07/2011 from 10 am - 630pm..since tomorrow is the first day of the sale, i hope i can buy lots of baby stuff without worrying them going out of stock..

Products offered during MyDear Warehouse Sale:
Baby Car seat
and more...

Check out MyDear Warehouse Sale at:

34, Jalan Meranti Jaya 10
Meranti Jaya Industrial Park
47120 Puchong
Tel: 603-8060 0093

For further information, check out their website: .


30 weeks pregnancy check up..

5 days has passed since Mr. hubby went to the US. Today, I have my usual pregnancy check up at Klinik Kesihatan Bangi, 9.00am. It was for my 30th weeks of pregnancy. The day started with a wet morning. Me driving, walking alone to the clinic and buying newspaper to kill time. I went inside the clinic to register. My number was 6023. Thank god not too many pregnant woman there yet (starting number is 6000). 

After for about half an hour my name was called. The nurse check my weight and blood pressure. I only managed to gain 0.2kg for 2 weeks (normal weight gain is 1kg per week) and my pressure was ok. I was then asked to take the urine and blood test. They all came back okay.

Then i sat down again, waiting patiently for my number to be called. This time to check the baby's heartbeat, to measure the womb size and hear some "words of wisdom" / advice from the nurse. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and the nurse suddenly said,"ala comelnye perut awak ni..kecik je". That makes me worried. But then she said small womb size is normal for 1st pregnancy. She then send me to take the tetanus shot (for 1st pregnancy, u will get shot 2 times). After that i'm free to go. And up till now my left shoulder hurts. My next check up will be on 13th of July. Hopefully mr hubby will accompany me then.

Before i end this entry, let me share with you pictures of my cute nephew - Muhammad Hariz Tan. Enjoice.

cute tongue searching for his pacifier

thinking,"xde puting tangan pon jadi lah"..

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dinner at Redwok..

A day before my husband fly to the US, we have decided to have dinner outside since I was too lazy to cook and wanted to spend as much quality time as possible with dearest hubby. The place we pick was Redwok Bangi.

Actually, this was the 2nd time we ate there. Still maintaining what we ate last time (which is the all-you-can-eat sizzling steamboat), we pick our food carefully. Why carefully? Its their rule to charge you if you waste any of their food. 100gm wastage = RM10. So far we haven't been charged. They don't even bother to check your table before you pay.

It's called the sizzling steamboat coz it consist of a steamboat and a sizzling pan (where you can basically barbecue your food). See pics below.

See the corn there?Its on the sizzling pan.  Look at the vege i took. Me hubby took all the meat.

That's me there looking like a skeleton..ready to eat all the vege..

The price for the sizzling steamboat for 1 person is RM30. Not bad i think. No govt and service charge. Kewl. 

Ok la. Gtg.Wanna chat with my hubby.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Half of me went to the US (translate: Separuh jiwaku pergi ke US)..

Yesterday, i went to the KLIA to sent my hubby..i have been preparing myself for the fact that he will leave me for a good 10 days to go to a conference in Lake Tahoe, California..he even has to miss my birthday this coming Sunday..but I must say im very proud of you sayang..keep up the good work..i know you deserve it..

Although i said im prepared to be apart from him, nothing beats the real 1st hand experience of it..i almost cried my heart out when i kissed his hand and he says goodbye to our baby but i know if ive outburst there, i can never, taking a deep breath i pushed the sad feeling further inside me and just smile at him..i managed not to cry seeing him off..

Its only been 1.5 days since we're apart but for me it feels like forever..i never want him out of my sight again..i want to go wherever he goes..

Oh 10 days..please pass quickly..i miss my hubby dearly.. (T__T)

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hubby and me have been thinking of taking the FPP (Full Paying Patient) program.. for those who didnt know what is FPP, here's a link for you:

Basically, under FPP, you can choose your own ob-gyn. At Hosp Putrajaya, they have 4 specialists, 2 female doc and 2 male doc. For first time registration is RM110, follow-up is RM60. Charges for ultrasound, blood test are different but trust me, it's cheaper than private. You'll get to stay at Executive Ward, which is really nice. Charges, for normal delivery is not more than RM2k, for c-section, between RM3-5k.

I've got my appointment with Dr. Hamidah (recommended by frens plus if you search online her name would appear as the most recommended doc) on the 7th of July at 11 a.m at Putrajaya Hospital..that week ill be 32 weeks pregnant..omg how time flies..hopefully our baby's head size is normal..hehe..

I should be going now..get back to doing chores to keep my dizzy head busy..toodles..

3d scan..and its a SHE..

I know its a long time since i wrote i wanna share the experience of doing 3d scan..on the 31st of May, me and hubby went to Annur to get our baby scanned..A 3d scan..our appointment was at 9.30am..after registering, we waited for about 15 mins then my name was called out..

We get inside the doc's room and i was asked to lay on the bed..the lady doc then started scanning my baby bump and saying out loud readings for her assistance to jot down..readings that we could not understand..Our baby was very resistance..she (yes its a SHE) practically pushed the doc's scanning device..i can feel her rejection..the doc was struggling to  make the baby's features revealed to us..after about 20 mins of struggling finally we saw her face....




Our baby struggling not to be disturbed

She couldn't keep still..her hands flailing wildly and the placenta was covering her face

Front elevation and i was thinking,"oh my..what big nose u have baby..hehe"..

covering her ears?

After scanning, the doc chat with us..she said to follow up on the size of our baby's head next time we go for a check's a bit big but still fall under normal condition..i must say that did affect me for a few days..but I cant be stressed we'll see what's the verdict next time..till then..toodles..

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Im bored..want to watch glee season 2 in my external hdd..unfortunately I left it at the office..and my hubby is out playing tennis..Its just me and baby..

Thought of cooking for sahur tomorrow..but still experiencing shortness of breath since 7pm..feeling lazy.. :(, lets just go to bed..