Thursday, 26 May 2011

Busy weekends..

Its been a while since I post sumthing..its been a bz week..with work and personal life..Im currently 25 weeks Tuesday will be the day when me and hubby will meet our precious baby on a screen..hehe..3d/4d scan actually..cant wait to find out the gender so that we can tell everybody..I know everyone is waiting me..I know how it feels..everywhere I go people will ask, what's the gender?..and everytime I will answer, "don't know yet..the baby is shy"..deep down inside i feel that there is a baby girl growing in my womb..but looking at the shape of my baby bump, it looks like a, no matter you are a girl or a boy, me and abah will love you just as much..

Yesterday, hubby's visa to go to the US has finally been approved..I must say i'm excited..partly because he has work hard to get this opportunity and partly because i can ask him to buy stuff for the baby..but it sure saddens me, coz when he go there i will be in my 29 weeks..but then again, it will be only for a what the heck..I have tot of going there also but to waste rm7k just for the flite tix, its better for me to use that money elsewhere..

This weekend, me and hubby will go to Haneem's and MK's wedding in Tengkera, Melaka..There are 4 weddings (Haneem, Shela, Farah Ain & Eddy) to attend on Saturday actually but considering my condition (being pregnant + long journey causes back aches), we've decided to go to Melaka..I wish to go to Perlis too (Shela's wedding) since most of H2M will be there..but what to

Its time to stop..i must go and perform my prayer..


me in my six and a half month preggy

Friday, 20 May 2011

Lil Juniors..

Yesterday me and hubby went to the LCCT to send my mom to Australia for a holiday..She'll be there till god knows when with my 3rd sister..the one doin' her PhD..Alhamdulillah she made it there safe and sound..I wish for her well being and hopefully when she comes back (maybe b4 i give birth) she'll bring lots of ole2..I personally asked for a special baby bag..the one that have hard shell just like a turtle.. :)

The reason I'm writing this post is that my mom is very close with her grandchildrens, Haiqal & Hariz..Haiqal to be specific since she practically raised him for the 1st 6, yesterday b4 my mom went to the airport, Haiqal was crying cos he wants to follow his mom took him for a ride in the car and send him back to his mummy at home.. which only makes him cry more..

Haiqal wit granny on the LRT

After sending my mom, I went to Hana's house (Haiqal's mommy) to fetch sumthings my mom left for me..Upon arrival we were greeted by Haiqal who seems to eager to see who came..It was as if he was waiting for his granny to come home..He kept struggling to go to my mom's car (we use that car to send my mom)..It breaks my heart to see that lil child's love for his grandmother..Hopefully he'll be okay cos granny is going on a holiday for at least 2 months..

Cheer up Haiqal..Tomorrow we'll go to mak long's Family Day at Ancasa Resort PD..

Toodles.. :P

Hariz's cute expression

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Jams..

You don't choose your family.  They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.  ~Desmond Tutu 
This post is dedicated to my family ~ The total, I have 8, Hana (my evil twin sister..haha), Ezani a.k.a seabiscuit, Juliana a.k.a apegemgem, Sara a.k.a alabi, Emil, Seri and the "unknown" (8 weeks old.. :P)..for this post purposes, I will only introduce the original the Jams which consists of 5 angels.. :)
That was me a year ago..This was Hana then..not identical meh? we are actually identical twins..

Hana me evil twin sister
 Hana is my younger twin sister..we were born 10 mins apart..eventho she was younger than me, she's the one that got married first..and now she's a mummy to 2 adorable lil boys - Haiqal & Hariz..

One big family with Hariz in the tummy

My cute nephew with the dad, Adhwa

My third sister is Ezani a.k.a Nanot or what my mom like to call her - Nat..She's currently doing her PhD (permanent head damage) study in O&G at Adelaide University..she's 25 and still single..guys are afraid of you Nani..hehe..

Nanot the PhD freak 
My special sister, Juliana or Pagem (apegemgem?) is now 21 years old and studying at Unikop, Batu a lurus bendul one, she can never lie..we usually can tell rite away..guess that her specialty..

 Last but not least, my perasan cute lil sister Alabi (apart from Hana)..she was born in 1993 and had just finished her SPM last year..her result? cukup makan i guess.. at least she's accepted into UiTM..

Well, thats about it..owh one more thing..we all share the same trademark (except for lia) and that is jambu air for a nose..and Nani is the winner in terms of size..haha..

The Jams

Welcoming lil' caliph..

This year is going to be a great one for us..InsyaAllah..we have been blessed with the oncoming of our first child, which up till now (i'm currently six month pregnant..yeay!) we still have no clue of the all started after our marriage have reached its 1st month's tick and I haven't got my menstrual..we got curious and decided to take the home-kit pregnancy test..the result showed  2 red lines - which indicate that I'm pregnant..we're overwhelmed (of course) hence went to Az-Zahrah to confirm the expected, we're a proud parent-to-be.. (^^)V

I must say being pregnant has taken its toll on me..I'm not as fortunate as other women who don't have morning sickness..I guess that depends on how does pregnancy affect your mom..It's mom had her morning sickness throughout her pregnancy..imagine whole 9 months..whew..luckily I only have mine for 4 and a half months..even that has turned me into a walking skeleton..I've lost 7 about losing your weight fast..hehe..

They say when you have entered the 2nd trimester, you can tell the "sleep pattern" of your baby..ours will usually wakes up during subuh, 10am, 2pm, 5pm and 11pm..i believe that will be time he/she will be awake when he/she is born..

Our baby has certainly come a long way..not an easy one at that..I have ate the taboo food during pregnancy (air kelapa, vinegar, rebung, acidic fruits, etc.), have vomited blood and even have lil bleeding but alhamdulillah our baby's will to survive is strong..hopefully he/she will continue to strive for the next 4 months, insyaAllah..

Baby, please be strong and hang in there for mama and abah..then you can play with your cousins Haiqal and Hariz Tan after you're born this September..

The adorable Haiqal & Hariz

Till we meet again..