Sunday, 21 August 2011

~A whale of a tale~

Last Saturday marks the starting of my 38 weeks journey of pregnancy..i feel like a big whale, walking around with big back hurts when i shift sitting or sleeping position..pity my poor hubby..he has to massage my poor legs and back every nite..tq sayang for ur patience..

I've been having running nose for these past few days..and today i got a flu, so i went to a clinic..n guess what?i got  2 days the doc advised to me not to fast since my high body temperature is dangerous to the baby..that will cost me 4 days of not fasting..huhu..but for ur sake baby, mama will do it..

I hope i will continue to struggle to pull myself together despite all the hardships im facing (sleepless nite, backache, etc.).This Wednesday, im seeing my O&G specialist for routine check up..hope she'll give me mc until   my delivery time since nowadays its hard for me to move from one places to another..especially from out of bed..

Till next time..

The adorable lil Hariz wearing my yet to be
born baby's beanie

Thursday, 18 August 2011

~37 weeks~

Yes.. I'm in my 37th weeks of pregnancy now..Only 3 weeks to go..i can't say im not worried or ready to face the big day..i just hope and pray that my labor will went well..n my baby is safe n healthy..

Pregnancy is a big thing..a big step or milestone that women sooner or later will have to go through..i have my fair share of pregnancy..all those pain, suffers that i've went thru, all those sleepless nite, leg cramps, constipation (T__T), made me realized that those could be what all mothers went thru..some maybe worst..

So, as of today i would like to say to my mom : thank you for everything.. i know u have suffer a lot more than me since u carried twins..twins only mean double the trouble.. ;)

And as for me: Chaiyok2! If all those moms out there can do it, so could u!

me during antenatal class

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cook spaghetti my way..

Seperti yang dijanjikan, today's entry is about how to cook spaghetti hawa's way..xperlu ckp byk..kite tgk gamba2 berikut..self-explanatory kot..

Ni sume bahan2 yg diperlukan
Minced meat..kalo nk ayam pon ok jek..

Cili mesin..kalo malas mesin snirik kite pakai cili boh je..

Bawang besar yang telah didadukan..

Perencah sos spaghetti maggi - jgn gune sume lak..separuh je..


Sos Prego - yang ni gune sume..

Buah tomato - suke ati korg nk byk dlm 3 biji..

Mushroom satu tin..
 Semua bahan2 mentah ni pakai agak2 je kuantiti dia..xreti nk bajet sbb da bese masakkan.. :P

Memula kite goreng dlu minced meat td smpi masak..

Angkat masuk bekas ghupe dia pas kite goreng..

Dengan menggunakan minyak bekas goreng daging td,
 kite tumis bawang besar lak smpi kuning n naik bau..

Pas da garing bawang, masukkan cili mesin..
ikut tahap kepedasan masing2..

ni ghupe dia bile da garing..kale dia maroon..

pastu masukkan tomato yg dah didice td..

pastu masukkan mushroom lak..

pas da sebati masukkan daging yg da digoreng td..

masukkan sos spaghetti prego..

pastu masukkan separuh perencah sos nak kasi manis sket..
 of course kene masukkan sedikit garam, gula n air kalo xnk pekat sgt..kuantiti dia  pandai2 korg la.. spaghetti yang da siap dimasak.. 

Selamat memasak.. :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Spaghetti for my bros in law..

Yesterday, i cook spaghetti for my 2 bros-in-law.. They came to Kajang from Kelantan just to see Liverpool's (eyes rolling) game last Saturday..

Here's a picture of it (my spaghetti)..I am planning to create a post on how to cook spaghetti hawa's way..but that just have to wait since i have lots of things in mind..

End product


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Its my birthday and I cry if I want to..

It's my party and i cry if i want to.. 
cry if i want to..cry if i want to..
You will cry too if it happens to you..

Ever heard of that song?im not sure who sung it.. but well just wanna share that today is my birthday..woohoo..havent reached the 30's just 29 hubby is on his way from Sacramento back to Malaysia..hopefully his journey will be smooth insyaAllah..

Gtg..i have a birthday celebration to attend..will upload the pictures later..


Stimbot - Restaurant @ Maeps..

Today, my lil sister Juliana / apegem2 has decided to treat me and my twins steamboat as a birthday present..We chose to dine at Restaurant @ Maeps since a lot of review says it cheap and the food is nice..RM19.90 were charged per head not inclusive of tax..lets just enjoy the pics shall we..

Hariz excited in his new car seat..

Gem and Haiqal sitting in the front seat..

we're finally there..

this is how it looks like from our parking spot..

Gem giving her 'best' pose with Haiqal..

Hariz sleeping for like 15 mins..

Adhwa carrying Hariz down the stairs..
the buffday gals..

1st round ..



Haiqal eating ice cream..

Still eating ice cream..

im an playing the role of a boy being scold at.. :(
Overall i think the food is ok with the price..but their ice cream sucks..big time..


Friday, 1 July 2011

One more day to go..

Today is Saturday..2/7/2011..Only one more day to go before i reach the 29-year-tick in my life calendar..Alhamdulillah i am given the opportunity to breathe in Allah's earth up till today..last year has been very married, pregnant all in one year (married 21/11/2010 - confirmed pregnant in mid December 2010) just happy that this year's birthday i will get to celebrate it being sumone's wife and sumbaby's mom..

Thank you ya Allah..Alhamdulillah for the great life you've granted me..i couldn't ask for more..

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tongue-tied Thursday..

What happened today..

We're set and ready to go to My Dear..
Adeek looking kinda blur as usual..

Lemme give you a solemn pose..huhu

Mummy ni asek men gem je..

Mummy n papa nak belikan adeek carseat..
kerasnye carseat ni..nexxtt!!

This is what i bought for my baby - bottle sterilizer and warmer : RM125

2 in 1 head cushion..xde la pala baby terhuyung hayang.. : RM19

Baby blue baby carrier :RM50

Last but not least bath tub and mesh bath support : RM30  + RM19
Pheww..thats a lot of money spent..huhu

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

MyDear Sale..

Yeay!!I'm on leave tomorrow..i wanted to go to mydear sale at case you didn't know, mydear is actually a warehouse selling baby stuff..the sale starts on 30/06/2011 until 10/07/2011 from 10 am - 630pm..since tomorrow is the first day of the sale, i hope i can buy lots of baby stuff without worrying them going out of stock..

Products offered during MyDear Warehouse Sale:
Baby Car seat
and more...

Check out MyDear Warehouse Sale at:

34, Jalan Meranti Jaya 10
Meranti Jaya Industrial Park
47120 Puchong
Tel: 603-8060 0093

For further information, check out their website: .


30 weeks pregnancy check up..

5 days has passed since Mr. hubby went to the US. Today, I have my usual pregnancy check up at Klinik Kesihatan Bangi, 9.00am. It was for my 30th weeks of pregnancy. The day started with a wet morning. Me driving, walking alone to the clinic and buying newspaper to kill time. I went inside the clinic to register. My number was 6023. Thank god not too many pregnant woman there yet (starting number is 6000). 

After for about half an hour my name was called. The nurse check my weight and blood pressure. I only managed to gain 0.2kg for 2 weeks (normal weight gain is 1kg per week) and my pressure was ok. I was then asked to take the urine and blood test. They all came back okay.

Then i sat down again, waiting patiently for my number to be called. This time to check the baby's heartbeat, to measure the womb size and hear some "words of wisdom" / advice from the nurse. Alhamdulillah, everything went well and the nurse suddenly said,"ala comelnye perut awak ni..kecik je". That makes me worried. But then she said small womb size is normal for 1st pregnancy. She then send me to take the tetanus shot (for 1st pregnancy, u will get shot 2 times). After that i'm free to go. And up till now my left shoulder hurts. My next check up will be on 13th of July. Hopefully mr hubby will accompany me then.

Before i end this entry, let me share with you pictures of my cute nephew - Muhammad Hariz Tan. Enjoice.

cute tongue searching for his pacifier

thinking,"xde puting tangan pon jadi lah"..

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dinner at Redwok..

A day before my husband fly to the US, we have decided to have dinner outside since I was too lazy to cook and wanted to spend as much quality time as possible with dearest hubby. The place we pick was Redwok Bangi.

Actually, this was the 2nd time we ate there. Still maintaining what we ate last time (which is the all-you-can-eat sizzling steamboat), we pick our food carefully. Why carefully? Its their rule to charge you if you waste any of their food. 100gm wastage = RM10. So far we haven't been charged. They don't even bother to check your table before you pay.

It's called the sizzling steamboat coz it consist of a steamboat and a sizzling pan (where you can basically barbecue your food). See pics below.

See the corn there?Its on the sizzling pan.  Look at the vege i took. Me hubby took all the meat.

That's me there looking like a skeleton..ready to eat all the vege..

The price for the sizzling steamboat for 1 person is RM30. Not bad i think. No govt and service charge. Kewl. 

Ok la. Gtg.Wanna chat with my hubby.