Thursday, 14 March 2013

Migraine and me..

Its 10.54 pm and I suffered from migraine..caught it yesterday..after long hot hours of standing under the blazing sun..

This morning thinking Im gonna be ok, I went to work as usual..but as the day went by, the pain of migraine finally gets to me..couldnt stand the pain  anymore, me n hubby went to see a doctor..

And I was right..the doctor said I got migraine..apparently our pupils go larger in the event of 'migraining'(is there such word?)..and so the doc gave me a time slip for me to have a rest and 'kill' this migraine..

But alas, here I am at 10.45pm, still wide eyes are tired, my head feels like exploding and yet I couldnt sleep..

Ya Allah,  please forgive me for I have sin..I know pain relieves you of your sins..give me guidance to become a better person..ameen ya rabbal 'alamin..

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I wont ever be too far away to feel you,
And I wont hesitate at all whenever you call,
And I'll always remember the part of you so tender,
I'll be the one to catch your fall whenever you call...

I simply love this song back in the days when I was young n vibrant (now not so kot)..I have changed my role to a more suitable one --》 a mother..

Nevertheless, this post is for my other half a.k.a incik hubby..he did something yesterday that caught my attention thus I thought of sharing it with u guys..everybody said that a man can sometimes be unreasonably clueless about a woman's heart..I totally agree..mine is also like that( laki mana yang tak)..well anyway, yesterday we are at the gas station because incik hubby wants to withdraw some money and i was waiting in the car like tukang jaga so happen when he has settle his money withdrawing, he came to the car with a plastic bag of titbits..I pay no attention to whats in there..

When I finally do, I realised that he had bought me a chupa chups..STRAWBERRY that moment a gush of wave swept me..Why?? Because he still remembers that my favourite fruit is --》 STRAWBERRY! ! Which I told him few years back when we're whatever he bought me, he will choose a strawberry flavored..hehehe..too bad when it comes to chupa chups I prefer choco vanilla flavor..Dak Liya knows better..haha..

Anyway, tq syg for the thoughtful gesture..I appreciate it..there's always room for improvement for us u lots..

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

humaira - the cheeky girl

This is a post dedicated to my lil girl..i just wanna share some pics that capture her cheeky moments..enjoy~

Saturday, 19 January 2013

My baby n chicken pox

My lil baby is down with chicken pox!!no wonder she's in a foul mood these past few weeks..i never imagine that she would caught c.p. (chicken pox) at an early age..1 year and 5 months old..

She's been losing weight since she keeps on vomiting after i fed her meds..she hates em..just like me n hubby keep going to the clinic to ask for some edible n yummy tasting meds..the doc gave us a medicine that taste like grape..luckily myra accepts it without much struggle(she became incredible hulk like when we gave her meds)..

May Allah ease the burden bestow on my baby..Ameen..Mama luvs u syg..bubbye..

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

US Trip (Part 1)

It has been awhile since I last share things in this blog..lots of things on my mind currently..nonetheless, I shall share my experience going to the States.. here goes..


My husband had to go to a conference to present his paper in the United States..Seeing this as an opportunity for me to follow him (and sep money too), i decided to tag's been my dream to go to the US..heard lots of stories bout it..since I didnt get to follow my hubby last time (I was pregnant 7 months with Myra),so this is my chance..tehehe..

And so, on the 17th of July 2012, my hubby and I went to KLIA to catch a flight to LAX..Im a bit sad to go since it was my first time leaving Myra..two whole weeks!!

In this entry I will only share the travelling part of my journey to LAX..Other adventure will be updated in the  next few entry (wow banyak lak entry kene wat).. A picture holds a thousand words..So, just enjoy the pics..

Muka dua org excited nak naik flite..tapi cuak xlepas security sbb PTPTN..
Yay!! Berjaya melepasi security..sbb I bayar taw PTPTN..

Beratur nak naik flite..excited xterkata..

Tangkap gamba poyo dulu..
Makanan yang diberi dlm flite..

Posing ngan makanan..
Laki I pon xketinggalan nak posing..
Kabus oo kat luar..

 After 6 hours of dwelling in sweat and kaki lenguh in the flite (ok ni exeggerate), the flite transited in Narita, Japan..We have to go thru security all over again..Huhu..Penat kena bukak kasut, jaket, tali pinggang..pastu nak kena pakai balik..adoiyai..mak rai (ayat sape tah)..hehe..

Laki i posing mosing mmg aku tgh poyo blakon tepon org..

Posing lagi kat Narita..

Naik balik flite lepas dua jam transit, we ols kene duduk dalam flite selama 12 jam untuk sampai ke LAX..Perghh..12 jam kot..mmg xto nak wat ape dalam flite..tengok muvi, dengar lagu, sembang, makan, tdo..sounds like fun rite?..not quite feet feels like jelly when i got of the plane..Security at LAX was  ok since Ive expected for us to be "violated" (harsh security check) since we're Muslim but luckily (Alhamdulillah) our trip was all smooth sailing..ok la..tengok gamba je la kat bawah ni..

Menunggu teksi yang dah dibook
I pon nak posing kat LAX 

ni la teksinye
i pon nk gak posing ngan teksi sana..peghakk..

3 ketoi beg besar aku bawak..hambek kau..nak sopping sakan..

xto ni bangunan ape..

rumah kat sana sume ada tanah..beshnye..

taman bunga mini kat hotel yang kitorg stay

ok correction..ade 4 beg kitorg bawa..hehe rupa teksi yang kitorg naik..lebih kepada van ekceli..ok i salah taip..tapi malas nk betulkan..heheh

n lastly ni nama hotel kitorg stay --Super8

Kitorg stay dekat hotel yang namanya Super8..Super8 ni terletak kat Anaheim..tujuan kitorg dtg Anaheim ni sebab nak gi Disneyland..Next post i akan cerita pasal trip ke Disneyland..ok bye..

Monday, 24 September 2012

**testing using bloggeroid**

_tah jadi ke tidak ni.._

try haplod gamba meta..

myra yang cumel..

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Aidilfitri 2011..

Its been a while since I last updated my blog. You ask me why? Been very busy these past SIX month (omg!!). I believe my last entry is about my last stage of pregnancy. And on Raya 2011 I've finally delivered a beautiful baby girl (all babies are beautiful okay?bukan angkat bakul). So, these were what happen on that very fateful day (1st day of Raya)..(actually i have draft this post a long time ago..just dun have the time to edit it)..Enjoy!

30 Ogos 2011 merupakan hari umat Islam menyambut Raya Aidilfitri.. Bagi aku, raya tahun ini mempunyai keistimewaannya yang tersendiri..Mengapa?

1) Raya pertama disambut sebagai seorang isteri (almaklumlah nikah tahun lepas - 21 November 2010 - dah lepas raya)
2) Juga raya pertama disambut sebagai seorang ibu / mama (sebelah malam)

Perjalanan hari raya aku tahun ini adalah begini:

6.00am - bangun dan bersiap2 untuk beraya

8.20am - bergerak ke Selayang since sume org beraya kat sana..

9.00am - org len gi smayang raya..aku?melantak kat umah selayang..

10.00am - org balik smayang raya n start melantak ketupat, lemang n rendang..aku pon join 2nd round..

11.00am - sesi bermaaf2an sesama keluarga..terasa sayu bila salam tangan mak n hubby..huhu..duit raya mmg kompem xdpt sbb dah tua..pastu sambung melantak lagi..

12.00pm - sesi bergamba kat tempat besa aku tangkap pada tahun2 lepas..

1.00pm - aku n hubby balik sg buloh sebab dah letih..tido sebaik saje sampai umah..

3.00pm - terganggu tido aku sbb rase kesakitan kat ari2..mungkinkah contraction?xsure sebab xpenah peknen..try tido lagi tapi rasa sakit tu dtg kembali setelah hilang..cek jam kat handset, gap sakit tu macam 40 minit skali..

4.15pm - turun makan lontong da prepare2 nk gi cek spital putrajaya..tem tgh mkn tu rase sakit yg menyucuk 20 minit skali..tem tu rase cam kompem ni contraction..

5.30pm - sampai Hospital Putrajaya..nurse cek tgk2 dah ade bukaan 3cm..n paling xbest skali air ketuban dah pecah! tah bile pon xsedar..bahaya kalo xsedar..takot baby kene infection sbb protective layer dah hilang..

7.00pm - sakit yang teramat sgt..setiap 10 min skali..Allah je yang tau rasa sakit tu (plus ibu2 yg penah beranak)..nurse cek2 dah 5cm bukaan..nurse tkejut sbb utk anak sulung salunye bukaan dia lambat..dlm sejam dah buka lagi 2 cm is considered cepat..then kene masuk labour room..dah la kene jalan sendiri..bukan kene tolak..setiap langkah rase cam jalan atas jarum..

8.00pm - sakit dah jadi setiap 5 min..pastu setiap seminit..aku dah jerit2 (en hubby pon tlg jerit gak..walopon sore xkuat) dah panggil doc sbb ase nak beranak sgt..rasa dia?cam nk membuang air besar..tapi beza dia baby tu cam menolak2 nak keluar..Doc suh tahan lagi sbb bukaan baru 8cm..dia takut koyak kat byk tempat..can u imagine?dah la baby nak keluar but u have to hold it in..huhu..

8.30pm - dah xtahan lagi..panggil doc..doc suh push dan bagi bantuan (katanye, which mean gunting la)..tapi baby xnak kuar..or lagi tepat aku xkuat nak push..tenaga xde..mana taknye..last aku mkn kol 4 lebey kot..pas 20 min struggle tapi baby xkuar, doc pon decide nak vacuum..fetal distress katanya (cian Humaira)..husband da xleh tgk..kene halau keluar..dia pon pasang alat vacuum tu..tu satu lagi bapak sakitnye..pastu suh aku push sekuat tenaga (bukan kuat suara)..agaknye sbb sore aku kuat ah, org tgk sakit ade ke suh senyap..tampor kang..lupe nak cakap, setiap kali cek bukaan bukan main la sakitnye..lagi sakit dari beranak..sbb dia masukkan jari cek bukaan serviks..urghh, the horror..

9.19pm - akhirnye setelah bhempas pulas meneran (sempat minta air seteguk dua) Humaira MK Hapiz selamat dilahirkan tepat jam 9.19pm..syukur alhamdulillah..waktu tu aku cume mampu ucapkan syukur ke hadrat ilahi..hilang segala kesakitan yang dirasai..jahit pon xrase sakit (sgt)..tapi ase gak jarum n benang lalu kat kulit..kuang3..

Nurse letak Humaira (Myra) atas badan aku..putih oo nampak..putih merah xcaye je baby ni yang selama ni aku kandung..satu lagi xto ikut ghupe sape (tem tu la)..tapi hidung sah2 ikut hidung aku..kekeke..

beberapa minit lepas keluar di dunia..

Humaira's 1st day on earth

Cukup kot stakat ni dulu pasal pengalaman bersalin aku..yang len2 tu biar la menjadi rahsia aku..kat bawah ni aku sertakan gamba2 Myra sepanjang tempoh aku berpantang.. Till next time.. :)

kulit jadi terbakau sbb Jaundice..efek PhotoTherapy okay..
kecik je kan?

muka bolats..
nite2..nak tdo..
cembeng kene marah ngan wan..

Ps: Aku lahirkan Myra 2 minggu awal dari tarikh kate anak 1st akan bsalin lambat or on the dot..tapi sume tu xleh pakai.. ;)